Oct 2

Investor Alert: Guess Who's Coming to Dinar?

At a recent State Securities Board investor education presentation, the first question from a member of the audience was, “What do you think of the Iraqi dinar?” The woman and her husband had purchased some dinar notes after a salesman assured them the dinar would skyrocket in value once the...

Sep 19

Fraud Against Elderly Women Nets 40-Year Sentence

Robert Joseph Mangiafico Jr., who stole more than half-a-million dollars from elderly women he convinced to buy annuities that never existed, was sentenced to 40 years in state prison on Sept. 18 after pleading guilty to charges of theft and money laundering .

Judge Benjamin Smith of the...

Mar 7

Investor Alert: How to Sabotage Your Retirement

If you contribute to a 401(k) or other workplace retirement account, the balance you've built up is a tempting source of readily available cash. You can borrow from your account with favorable repayment terms. Under certain circumstances you can qualify for a hardship withdrawal. And when you...

Feb 20

Promoters of Death Benefits Fraud Sentenced to 10 Years

Howard Glen Judah and Gregory F. Jablonski, the architects of a fraudulent life settlement corporation that attracted nearly $30 million from investors, today were each sentenced to serve 10 years in state prison for securities fraud and 10 years for sale of an unregistered security. The...

Feb 4

Foreign Notes Scammer Sentenced to 80 Years in State Prison

Karen P. Bowie, a Maine resident who participated in a North Texas-based foreign notes scam, was sentenced to 80 years in state prison on Friday after being convicted of theft of property.

The Collin County District Attorney's Office prosecuted the case, and Dale Barron a Texas State...

Jan 17

Investor Alert: Target Date Funds Not Always A Smooth Ride

If you contribute to a retirement plan at work, you probably have the option to invest in a target date mutual fund (TDF), an investment that is promoted as one-stop shopping for retirement savers.

A target date fund is designed, basically, to save investors from themselves. Too few...

Jan 3

Investor Alert: Clueless Investing Opinions Ahead!

The surest sign of the new year for investors? It’s the seemingly endless recommendations by financial experts on the best places to put your money in 2013.

You know the drill: the personal finance magazines touting the best stocks or funds for ’13; mutual fund managers touting, well,...