Leland Anthony Patin: Sentenced, 7 Years

May 14

Leland Anthony Patin of Dallas was sentenced to seven years in prison and ordered to pay $172,500 in restitution for securities fraud.

Patin was a salesman for Edward Digges, the architect of a multistate fraudulent scheme involving the sale and lease of credit card and debit card terminals.

Judge Ralph Burgess sentenced Patin on May 14 in the 5th state District Court in Cass County. Patin was also fined $10,000. He was indicted in 2007.

Digges was convicted February 4 for aggregated securities fraud and sentenced on February 18 to 99 years in state prison in a case prosecuted by the State Securities Board and the Collin County District Attorney's Office. Digges employed a sales force largely comprised of insurance agents to convince about 130 Texans to invest approximately $10 million in the fraudulent point-of-sale terminals scam.