Leland Anthony Patin

Nov 11

Leland Anthony Patin of Dallas, Texas, was indicted on November 11, 2007, in the 5th Judicial District Court of Cass County, Texas, Cause Nos. 2007F00263, 2007F00264, and 2007F00265, on charges of securities fraud with the amount involved $100,000 or more, a first degree felony; sale of unregistered securities, a third degree felony; and unregistered dealer or agent in securities, a third degree felony. Patin allegedly sold and offered for sale the POS terminal equipment investment program of TMT Management Group, TMT Equipment Company, and POS TMT, and allegedly failed to disclose that a prior administrative order was issued in November 2003 by the Pennsylvania Securities Commission; that prior investors had not received monthly payments in accordance with their contracts; and that terminals placed with merchants were not generating sufficient revenue to meet the monthly payments to pay investors as represented in the contracts.