Oct 31

On October 31, 2001, in Travis County, Texas, indictments were unsealed charging Hendrik Rienstra with securities fraud and theft. Mr. Rienstra was arrested in Belgium. The securities fraud indictment alleges that Mr. Rienstra was operating a Ponzi scheme and that he intentionally failed to disclose numerous prior regulatory actions against him and his Company, New England International Surety. The indictments relate to the issuance of high interest promissory notes issued by Omne, SRL and guaranteed by New England International Surety. Both companies it is alleged, were controlled by Mr. Rienstra. Simultaneous with the unsealing of the indictment, federal indictments were announced in New Orleans against Mr. Rienstra as well as his son, Richard Rienstra. Other Defendants in the federal case are: Joe Aguda of New Orleans, Jean Noel Pineau of New Orleans and Cedric Vaumoron of New Orleans. The Texas case was the of result an 18 month investigation conducted by the Texas Securities Board, in cooperation with the Insurance Fraud Unit of the Travis County District Attorney's Office; the Texas Department of Insurance; the New York Attorney General's Office; the Louisiana State Police; the Florida Comptroller's Office; the Financial Services Authority, London, England as well as Belgian and Italian authorities.