Oct 22

Paul Michael Harney: Sentenced, 5 Years

Paul Michael Harney of San Antonio pleaded guilty to two counts of theft from the elderly of between $1,500 and $20,000 was sentenced in Bexar County on Oct. 22 to concurrent five-year state prison sentences.

Harney was indicted in February 2012 on four of the theft from the elderly...

Oct 7

Tracy Morgan Spaeth: Charged

Tracy Morgan Spaeth was arrested Oct. 7 at the Lubbock office of his business, Uncommon Wealth Management LLP, and charged with one count of securities fraud, two counts of the sale of securities by an unregistered dealer or agent, and two counts of the sale of unregistered securities.


Sep 27

Brian Keith Blalock: Sentenced, 10 Years Probation

Brian Keith Blalock pleaded guilty to theft of property Sept. 27 in the 415th State District Court in Parker County and was sentenced to 10 years probation.

Blalock was the owner and operator of IEP Capital LLC in Fort Worth, which managed the IEP Oil Fund LP, a fraudulent investment...

Sep 26

Richard D. Hicks: Indicted

Richard D. Hicks of Tyler was indicted on securities fraud charges Sept. 26 in the 241st State District Court in Smith County.

Hicks sold promissory notes issued by National Note of Utah LC, which the Securities and Exchange has charged is a $100 million real-estate based Ponzi scheme....

Sep 26

William C. Mays: Indicted

William C. Mays was indicted Sept. 26 in the 105th State District Court in Nueces County on charges of securities fraud, securing the execution of a document by deception, theft, and money laundering.

The charges stem from Mays’ allegedly fraudulent investment scheme in which told...

Sep 18

Robert Joseph Mangiafico Jr.: Sentenced, 40 Years

Robert Joseph Mangiafico Jr. was sentenced to 40 years in state prison on Sept. 18 in the 380th State District Court in Collin County.

Mangiafico had pleaded guilty to charges of theft and money laundering . Mangiafico stole approximately $655,000 from elderly women in North Texas whom...

Sep 11

Sami A. London: Sentenced, 10 Years Deferred Adjudication

Sami A. London , also known as Sami Asifali Mahomed, pleaded guilty Sept. 11 to one count of securities fraud in Tom Green County state District Court. London was sentenced to 10 years deferred adjudication and ordered to pay a total of $202,000 in restitution to five victims.


Sep 9

Leland Alan Dykes: Guilty Plea

Leland Alan Dykes of Houston pleaded guilty Sept. 9 to one charge of misapplication of fiduciary property and is scheduled to be sentenced in Harris County state District Court on Nov. 11.

Two companies Dykes founded sold approximately $1 million in fraudulent Secured Debt Obligations (...

Sep 4

David Kevin Lewis: Convicted

A U.S. District Court jury in Dallas on Sept. 4 convicted David Kevin Lewis , also known as “David Shane Lewis” and “DW,” on one count of conspiracy to commit securities fraud and 23 counts of securities fraud. Sentencing is scheduled for Dec. 20.

Lewis, who in 2000 was convicted of...

Aug 28

Alberto Alba Villarreal, Daniel Thomas Hernandez: Indicted

Alberto Alba Villarreal and Daniel Thomas Hernandez , both of Brownsville, were indicted Aug. 28 in Cameron County on charges of theft of property and selling securities without being registered. The cases are in the 445th State District Court.

The indictments allege that Villarreal and...

Jul 19

Kenneth Paul Lawrence: Sentenced, 5 Years

Kenneth Paul Lawrence of Allen was convicted July 19 on charges of money laundering and engaging in organized criminal activity related to his role in raising money for a purported biodiesel plant in Hunt County. Lawrence was sentenced the week of July 22 to five years on the money laundering...

Jun 6

Michael D. Alexander: Probated Sentence, Restitution

Michael D. Alexander was convicted of securities fraud and theft in Rockwall County state District Court on June 6 and ordered to pay restitution of $175,000 to three investors in a non-existent timber-harvesting project Alexander claimed to operate along the Amazon River.


Apr 9

Robbie Dale Walker: Sentenced, 25 Years

Robbie Dale Walker of Dripping Springs was sentenced to 25 years in state prison on April 9 for stealing money from two elderly women in Hays County. Walker told the women they could earn annual returns of at least 15% from oil and gas projects in North Dakota. The projects did not exist, and...

Apr 4

John W. Wagner: Probated Sentence, Fine

John W. Wagner of Columbus was sentenced to two years federal probation on April 4 and ordered to pay a $10,000 fine for his role as the former certified public accountant and bookkeeper for Momentum Production Corp.

Wagner pleaded guilty in 2011 to one count of misprision of a felony...

Apr 3

Daniel Christopher Walsh: Indicted (Wichita County)

Daniel Christopher Walsh of Houston was indicted April 3 in Wichita County on charges of theft, money laundering, and securing execution of a document by deception for allegedly stealing from investors who thought their funds would be used to pay for oil well drilling projects in Galveston...

Mar 28

Richard M. Plato: Sentenced, 235 Months

Richard M. Plato , the founder of Momentum Production Corp., an oil-and-gas exploration company in Baytown, was sentenced to 235 months in federal prison on March 28 and ordered to pay $3 million in restitution to investors in Momentum.

Plato was convicted Sept. 24, 2012, on five counts...

Mar 21

Robert Roland Langguth: Sentenced, 4 Years

Robert Roland Langguth was sentenced to four years in federal prison on March 21 for operating a real estate fraud in Central Texas.

Langguth had pleaded guilty to one count of wire fraud and one count of money laundering in perpetrating a fraud that cost investors at least $7 million....

Mar 13

Brian Keith Blalock: Indicted

Brian Keith Blalock was arrested March 13 in Tarrant County, five weeks after his indictment in Parker County for theft of property.

Blalock allegedly stole money from investors in IEP Oil Fund LP, an investment program he operated. According to the indictment, Blalock spent investors'...

Feb 20

Howard G. Judah, Gregory F. Jablonski: Sentenced, 10 Years

Howard Glen Judah and Gregory F. Jablonski were each sentenced to 10 years in state prison on Feb. 20 for operating a nearly $30 million fraud based on the death benefits from life insurance policies.

Judah and Jablonski were sentenced in Harris County state District Court. Judah and...

Feb 1

Karen P. Bowie: Sentenced, 80 Years

Karen P. Bowie was sentenced Feb. 1 to 80 years in state prison for her part in a $5 million fraud operated by Titan Wealth Management LLC of Plano.

Titan sold fictitious high-yielding foreign notes that were supposedly issued by European banks and claimed the notes would pay short-term...

Jan 31

Tony Anthony Cruz Jr: Sentenced, Probation

Tony Anthony Cruz Jr ., who sold fraudulent promissory notes issued by his company, The Wealth Building Club of San Antonio, pleaded guilty to two counts of mail fraud and was sentenced Jan. 31 to five years' probation on each count and ordered to pay restitution of $1.1 million.


Jan 22

Russell Erxleben: Indicted

Russell Erxleben was indicted Jan. 22 in U.S. District Court in Austin on charges of wire fraud, securities fraud, and money laundering.

Erxleben is accused of fraudulent practices in the sale of post-World War I reconstruction bonds issued by the German government. The indictment also...

Dec 19

Arturo Gonzalez Salinas: Indicted

Arturo Gonzalez Salinas of McAllen was indicted Dec. 19 in Hidalgo County on charges of theft, securities fraud, and securing the execution of a document by deception.

Salinas was indicted in connection with his sale of interests in a company that said it would build a hospital in...

Dec 5

Bruce Kyle Griffith: Guilty Plea

Bruce Kyle Griffith's guilty plea to federal conspiracy and securities fraud charges was unsealed Dec. 5 by the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas.

Griffith served as president and CEO of Always Consulting Inc., a Richardson company that sold investments in oil and...