Feb 14

Learning about investing starts with the Core Four.

Core what?

Hey, good question.

The answer is found in four new printable PDFs from the Texas State Securities Board. They explain the core principles of smart investing whether you invest on your own or want to hire a financial professional and they make sure you know how to avoid inappropriate investments and outright scams.

Along the way, you will learn that investing is not as complex and mysterious as it once seemed. The Core Four are:

Making Investments: Control risk and costs as you build a portfolio.

Investing for Retirement: Using tax-sheltered accounts, including 401(k)s at work and personal Individual Retirement Accounts.

Choosing a Financial Professional: The factors you need to consider to find the best investment adviser for your needs do not settle for a cookie-cutter approach and how to research the background of prospective advisers.

Scams and Unsuitable Investments: How to avoid bad investments and unscrupulous investment promoters.

We encourage you to read the Core Four and share the wealth (of knowledge) with friends, family, and co-workers.

For even more information about smart investing and avoiding fraud, check out the 2018 Texas Investor Guide. It's also available in a printable PDF or, if you want print copies, contact Robert Elder, Communications & Investor Education Coordinator, at relder@ssb.texas.gov. Please provide a mailing address and the number of copies you would like to receive.