May 14

On May 14, 2002, Judge John Dietz of the 53rd District Court, Travis County, Texas, ordered distribution of $3,164,488.36 to the Brady/Doyal investor group in connection with a receivership over the assets of Brian Russell Stearns and Trans-Global Asset Management, Inc. , cause number GV 100254, State Of Texas v. Brian Russell Stearns, et al. The receivership action was brought by the Texas Attorney General pursuant to the provisions of the Texas Securities Act at the request of the Texas Securities Board. On July 12, 2001, Mr. Stearns was sentenced by United States District Court Judge James R. Nowlin to a total of 30 years in prison, Case Number A- 99-CR-230(1), Western District Of Texas--Austin Division, after being convicted of securities fraud, money laundering, wire and mail fraud.