SB 20 (84th Legislature) Postings

Senate Bill 20, enacted by the 84th Texas Legislature, amended certain sections of the Government Code to require state agencies to post on their websites the following items:

1. Contracts entered into by the agency for the purchase of goods or services, along with either the statutory authority for entering into a contract not competitively bid or the request for proposals related to a competitively bid contract, and
2. Procedures to identify contracts that require enhanced contract monitoring or the immediate attention of contract management staff and establish clear levels of purchasing accountability and staff responsibilities related to purchasing.

Contract Management Handbook


General Services Contracts

RFP or Authority

Garza/Gonzalez and Associates

Garza/Gonzalez and Associates

Garza/Gonzalez and Associates

Agreement for Audit Services FY 21

Agreement for Audit Services FY 20

Agreement for Audit Services FY19

CCH Incorporated  
Ricoh USA  
Alliance Work Partners  
Verizon Wireless Services LLC  
Andrews Building Services Inc  
Thomson Rueters - West Publications  
Federal Express Corporation  
Thomson Reuters - West Proflex  
Thomson Reuters - CLEAR  
Spectrum Business  
Konica Minolta Business Solution  
Konica Minolta Business Solution