Senate Bill 20, enacted by the 84th Texas Legislature, amended certain sections of the Government Code to require state agencies to post on their websites the following items:

1. Contracts entered into by the agency for the purchase of goods or services, along with either the statutory authority for entering into a contract not competitively bid or the request for proposals related to a competitively bid contract, and
2. Procedures to identify contracts that require enhanced contract monitoring or the immediate attention of contract management staff and establish clear levels of purchasing accountability and staff responsibilities related to purchasing.

Contract Management Handbook


General Services Contracts

RFP or Authority
Kim Tindall & Assoc. PO 312-17-274 
Kim Tindall & Assoc. PO 312-17-278
Kim Tindall & Assoc. PO 312-17-276
Kim Tindall & Assoc. PO 312-17-275
Kim Tindall & Assoc. PO 312-17-277
Legal Partners LP Invitation for Bids: San Antonio Court Reporter

DIR Data Center Services/Microsoft

Amendment to DIR Data Services Contract

DIR Data Center Services Contract

Garza/Gonzalez & Associates

Request for Proposal: Internal Auditor 2017
Thompson Rueters PO 312-17-061
Verizon Wireless Services PO 312-17-078
TIBH Industries PO 312-17-038
TIBH Industries PO 312-17-039
TIBH Industries PO 312-17-040
SHI PO 312-17-287
SHI PO 312-17-288
Sheraton Austin Quote#:500-5ONRM7W
Sheraton Dallas Quote#:500-7E8U0Y7
Thomson Reuters PO 312-17-345
SHI PO 312-17-347
Universal Technical Translation PO 312-17-352
Presidio Networked Solutions Group PO 312-17-358
UTCLE PO 312-17-359
SHI PO 312-17-360
SHI PO 312-17-378
TIBH Industries PO 312-18-018
DIR PO 312-18-016
Spectrum Busness PO 312-18-015
Eagle Pride Supply 312-18-065
State Office of Risk Management 312-18-021-A
Alliant Insurance Services 312-18-022
Andrew's Building Service 312-18-023
Bloomberg BNA 312-18-025
CCH Inc. 312-18-024
SHI Government Solutions 312-18-039
Alliance Work Partners 312-18-040
TIBH Industries 312-18-036
WWG Wobmisa Ltd. 312-18-034
Konica Minolta Business Solutions 312-18-053
AT&T 312-18-051
Carhasoft Technology Group 312-18-046
DIR 312-18-027
SHI Government Solutions 312-18-042
Department of Pubilce Safety 312-18-035
Verizon Wireless 312-18-004
Pitney Bowes 312-18-003
Pitney Bowes 312-18-002
Texas State Library 312-18-001
Dahill-Xerox 312-18-063
Ricoh USA 312-18-055  
Ricoh USA 312-18-056
State Law Library 312-18-043
TIBH Industries 312-18-037
Ricoh USA 312-18-058
Ricoh USA 312-18-059
Dahill-Xerox 312-18-060
Dahill-Xerox 312-18-061
Dahill-Xerox 312-18-062
Eagle Pride Supply 312-18-067
TIBH Industries 312-18-018
Lone Star Holding 312-18-019
FedEx 312-18-020
Pitney Bowes 312-18-026
DIR 312-18-081
TCI 312-17-258
Eagle Pride Supply 312-17-346
Tejas Office Products 312-18-072
TL Abbott Investment LLC 312-18-075
PDME 312-18-092
TCI 312-17-342
Hasse Enterprise Inc. 312-18-083
SHI Government Solutions 312-18-074
All Business Machines, Inc. 312-18-064
Thomson Reuters 312-18-096
TIBH Industries 312-18-052
TCI 312-18-094